M-H 4.7 Military Equipment Transport Trailer

M-H 4.7 Military Equipment Transport Trailer

When agility, strength, reliability and performance is paramount over all types of terrain, in all types of weather.

The M-H, CS – 4.7. is a versatile military grade platform, that is able to accommodate a wide variety of integrated cargo transportation needs.

Providing the mobility, transportability and survivability, that is critical to mission success.

Incorporating Land Force Defence & Mobility’s revolutionary new modular off road trailer chassis and independent off road suspension assembly. The M-H CS – 4.7. has been designed to negotiate the toughest of off-road conditions while also meeting stringent weight and size restrictions. allowing us to maximize compatibility, with air transportability.

M-H 4.7 Military Equipment Transport Trailer has a removable and stowable headboard, drop sides and tailgate. Making loading and unloading easier and faster. In addition, strategically placed internal and external cargo tie-downs help secure a full range of cargo options.

MH 4.7 Military Trailer Uses & Variants:

Supporting Troops in the Field With combat support, tactical vehicles, military logistics, heavy equipment transport, medium fuel tankers, ammunition trailers, potable water trailers, supply vehicles, field kitchens, medical units, refueling stations, mobile workshops, MEH trailers, communications trailers, radar trailers, towed artillery, explosive ordnance disposal, mobile command posts, bridge laying trailers


  • Overall Vehicle Length 4.7 mtrs.
  • Vehicle Deck Size 3.0m Long x 1.85m Wide.
  • Tray height 900 mm.
  • Height to top of head board 1.38m.
  • TARE: 1225 kg.
  • ATM: 3,500Kgs to 4,500Kgs Depending on coil spring rates.
  • Ball Weight: 161 kg.
  • Internal Air Transport and Sling Load Capable.


  • Cruise Master DO35 Plus Off Road Trailer Hitch.
  • Full length 4.7 mtr, 125 x 75 x 4mm Steel Chassis.
  • 1.8 mtr frontal draw bar length.
  • Twin rear heavy duty recovery points.
  • Interlocking chassis cross members.
  • Trailer hand brake cables.
  • Front hand brake lever bash plate.
  • Front D Shackle recovery point.
  • Two tie down and lift points on front draw bar.
  • Under body spare tyre mount.
  • Manutec, pin locking, swivel bracket and heavy duty side wind jack stand.
  • Optional 250 Ltr Military Cargo Case (Green)


  • Desert Tan Satin.
  • Olive Drab Matt.


  • 2 – 150 x 50 x 5mm C Section Aluminium Sub frame chassis rails.
  • 12 – 50 x 25 x 30 x 4mm galvanised RHS Decking cross members.
  • All decking cross members are attached to the chassis sub frame with M12 – bolts and RivNuts.
  • The decking side rails are fitted with tie down points incorporated into the side rail design.
  • The RHS deck cross members also incorporate 9 rows of 80 additional M12 flush tie down points.
  • Decking plate is made from 4mm Aluminium & attached with 6.5mm structural Rivets.
  • Removable tail gate and drop sides.


  • 2 ATX 1,850 kg or 2,250 kg Independent Coil Spring Suspension units.
  • 4 – 12 inch electric drum breaks.
  • Optional 4 Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brakes and Hydra Star Pump.
  • 4 – Heavy duty large bore off road shock absorbers.
  • 125 x 75 x 4mm Hot dipped galvanised trailer chassis.
  • Twin modular, suspension assemblies.


  • 2 Water proof resin filled LED trailer lamps.
  • Rear winch mounting point.
  • Bolt on mud flap assembly.
  • Twin rear Recovery Points.
  • Two rear tie down and lift points.


  • 5 – 265 / 7 5 / R 16. All terrain tyres.
  • 5 – 16 x 8 “ 6 stud steel rims.


  • 187 Ltr Top Opening Tool Box
  • 187 Ltr Side Opening Tool Box
  • 2 Front under tray tool boxes.
  • Canvas cover and galvanised support frame.
  • Axe Shovel & Mattock mounting frame.
  • Internal tool box Battery tray.
  • 120 Ah Deep Cycle Battery.
  • 125 Ah Lithium Battery.
  • Red Arc Battery Charger.
  • ARB twin air compressor.
  • Tyre inflation and deflation system.
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes and pump.
  • Under Tray Stabiliser legs. (Please note that the under tray tool boxes can not be fitted once the stabiliser legs are attached)

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