LS & CS – 4.1m Special Purpose Off Road Trailers

LS & CS -4.1 Special Purpose Off Road Trailers.

The Land Force Defence & Mobility 4.1 mtr Special Purpose Off Road Military Trailers, can be configured for almost any application with a variety of load and equipment handling capabilities to specifically match your requirement.

Forward Reconnaissance Support Trailer. (Coil Spring Variant)

This 100% Australian made Off Road Trailer is proudly designed, developed and built right here in Brisbane Australia.
Fashioned after our R.A.S.V. Tandem. (Remote Area Support Vehicle) The LS & CS 4.1 ‘s are a lighter more compact, single axle, coil & leaf sprung off road trailer with all the same features and functionality as it’s larger cousin.

R.A.E.M.E. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Field Workshop Trailer.
R.A.E.M.E. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Field Workshop Trailer.

Each of our aluminium trailer bodies come fully powder coated or painted inside and out with a corrosion resistant galvanised or painted steel Chassis.

The fully monocoque constructed bodies are made from high grade 2.5mm laser cut and CNC formed aluminium plate. All of our aluminium components are assembled with 6.4 mm structural rivets and incorporate strategically welded joints through out the design for extra strength.

The monocoque body is made up of 7 individual aluminium storage compartments. Which are all interconnected by internal ventilation openings to allow for even air pressurisation through out the entire body. The positive air pressurisation is achieved with the use of an external air pressurisation system with serviceable air filters. Keeping the entire trailer free from dust on even the toughest off road environments.

Communications Trailer.
Drone Surveillance and Launch Platform.

Trailer Size :

  • Total Length 4.1 mtrs.
  • Deck size 2.4m Long x 1.85m Wide.


Leaf Spring Variant

  • Alco 1600 kg leaf suspension.
  • 1 – 1600 kg 50mm square steel axle.
  • 2 – 12 inch electric drum breaks.
  • Or optional ventilated hydraulic disc brakes.
  • 2 – Heavy duty large boar off road shock absorbers.
  • 2 – Sets of Japanese parallel bearings.
  • 2 – Rear pivot swinging mud flap mounts and mud flaps.
  • Trailer hand brake cables.
  • Front under body stone protection – Insertion rubber cross guard.
  • Paint Colour Options – Dessert Tan and Drab Olive.
  • Hot dipped Galvanised chassis options are also available.

Coil Spring Variant

  • 2200 kg independent trailing arm, coil spring suspension.
  • 2 – 12 inch electric drum brakes.
  • Or optional ventilated hydraulic disc brakes.
  • 4 – Heavy duty large boar off road shock absorbers.


  • 360 * Off Road Coupling.
  • Hand brake lever and mounting plate.
  • 2 – Heavy duty chain hooks.
  • 2 – High tensile safety chains.
  • High lift jack lifting point.
  • Swing Down Jockey Wheel.
  • Bottom D – Shackle recovery point.
  • 20 mm hand brake lever bash plate.
  • Front draw bar jerry can mounting plate


  • 3 – 265 / 7 5 / R1 6. All terrain tyres.
  • 3 – 16 x 8 “ 6 stud black steel rims.


  • Full length 4.1 mtr, 114mm x 5mm tubular steel Draw bar.
  • 1.5 mtr frontal draw bar length. Allowing for a 90* jack knife turn.
  • The tubular draw bar also has the option to be turned into a compressed air storage tank.
  • Rear draw bar heavy duty pintle hook and recovery point.
  • 4 – Heavy duty D – Shackle side recovery points.
  • C Section cross members for easy cleaning.
  • Solid chassis bracing gussets.
  • 4 – Front storage box mounting brackets.
  • Slotted steel electrical cable runners.


  • 2 Water proof resin filled LED trailer lamps.
  • Heavy duty rear recovery points.
  • Bolt on mud flap assembly.

Mobile Workshop & Welding Trailer.

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