B.M.S. & Power Control Modules

The Land Force Defence Battery Management System (BMS).

A Battery Management System is any electronic system that manages single or multiple rechargeable battery banks or battery packs. By protecting the battery bank from operating outside its safe operating perimeters. Monitoring its state, calculating secondary data by analyzing input and output voltages. Then visually reporting that data via the LCD screen.

Our modular (BMS) Battery Management System can also be configured to include an range of secondary features including:

  • Dual 12v and 24v DC to DC REDARC charge modules.
  • Input and output Andersen plug connectors.
  • Twin 12vAcc and USB outlets.
  • Solar input and voltage regulator.
  • 4 way illuminated switch panel.
  • ARB twin 12v air compressor.
  • 80 amp battery isolation breaker.
  • 12v to 240v 4oo watt inverter.
  • Internal accessory fuse box.
  • External vehicle input – charging point.
  • 12v cooling – recirculating fan.
  • 4 quick release air hose inlet and outlet fitting.
  • Black out covers over illuminated screens and switches.
Battery Management System
Battery Management System
Battery Management System

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