CS-4.0 Light Vehicle & Generator Transport Trailer

CS-4.0 Generator & Light Vehicle Transport Trailers

Generators are heavy and difficult to maneuver on their own, so a dedicated generator trailer is a perfect solution to maximise mobility.

Land Force Defence & Mobility can design and supply a range of trailers for an array of GVM ratings and ensure the trailer is suited to the individual generator. We have GVM ratings available from 750kg and up, with 4,500kg being our largest off road option.

The all Australian made CS – 4.0 Trailer has been designed to be one of the most durable and versatile trailer platforms available. With sizes deck from a 2.6 m long by 1.85 m wide. Or 2.4 m x2 m wide. These trailers can carry almost anything through the harshest of off road conditions.

Light Vehicle Transport Trailer.

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