M-H 4.7 Special Purpose Off Road Trailers.

M-H 4.7 U.A.V. Command & Control Trailers.

Mobile U.A.V. – U.G.V. Command & Control Platform.

Land Force Defence offers a range of stand-alone portable and rapidly deployable fixed and mobile site solutions for strategic operational reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance and for counter drone defence systems.

The M-H 4.7 U.A.V. and U.G.V. Trailers can be fitted out and integrated into third-party platforms for both Government and commercial systems. Providing a rugged off road platform perfectly suited for rapid response into remote areas.

Providing solutions for active situational awareness and threat response for mobile missions.

These Off Road Trailer were specifically designed with an open customizable interior ready for fit out.

The M-H 4.7 U.A.V. and U.G.V. trailers can be set up to cater for a wide variety of industries across the board. Ranging from, drone journalism, search and rescue, disaster response, asset protection, wildlife monitoring, firefighting, communications relay, healthcare, agriculture and many more.

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