LS-4.1 Off Road Trailer Chassis

LS-4.1 Off Road Trailer Chassis


R.A.S.V. LS – 4.1 Single Axle Leaf Spring Variant.

Introducing Off Road Designs all new “Light to Medium Duty” Off Road Trailer Chassis.

The R.A.S.V. Light Tactical, Military Flat Deck Trailer Chassis can be configured for almost any application with a variety of body design options and load handling capabilities, to specifically match your requirements.


It all starts with LS 4.1’s unique, light weight but strong chassis design.

The main design feature of our trailer frame is the open 100 x 50 x 6mm chassis design that runs the full length of the trailer.

Reducing weight but adding strength to the trailer by removing the weight traditional trailer box section frame design and replacing it with a direct line pull through the center of the trailer. Allowing for rear recoveries while still attached to the tow vehicle.
The LS 4.1’s hot dipped galvanised chassis is made of laser cut c – section cross members and open ended rectangular hollow section steel allowing for easy wash down and cleaning, with no closed in areas where mud, sand and salt can become trapped and cause corrosion.

Off Road Ability.

Remote off-road exploration is what this ultimate off road trailer frame was made for. Being conscious of the restricted maneuvering area on off road tracks. We have carefully thought out the chassis design, dimensions and over all ground clearance. Allow you to venture out into areas that conventional off road trailers simply can’t go.

By keeping the trailer dimensions within the width of most tow vehicles we have also been able to increase the maneuverability off road through tight areas. Along narrow tree lined outback tracks, or along tight, twisting mountain roads. Keeping the trailer dimensions in line with the tow vehicle also improves vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. By reducing the amount of wind and drag that you are likely to encounter during higher speed on road travel.


  • Alco 1600 kg rocker leaf suspension.
  • 2 – 12 inch electric drum breaks. (With Optional hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brakes)
  • 2 – Heavy duty large boar off road shock absorbers.
  • 1600 kg 50mm square steel axles.
  • 2 – Sets of Japanese parallel bearings.
  • Trailer hand brake cables.
  • Hot dipped galvanised trailer chassis.


  • Cruise Master DO 35 – 360 * Off Road Coupling.
  • Hand brake lever and mounting plate.
  • 2 – Heavy duty chain hooks.
  • 2 – High tensile safety chains.
  • Swing Down trailer jockey wheel.
  • Top and Bottom D – Shackle recovery points.
  • 20 mm hand brake lever bash plate.
  • Front draw bar spare tyre mounting plate.


  • 2 – 285 / 7 5 / 1 6 – 17 . All terrain tyres.
  • 2 – 16 x 8 “ 6 stud black steel rims.


  • Full length 4.1 mtr, 100mm x 50mm x 6mm steel chassis.
  • 1.5 mtr frontal draw bar length.
  • Rear draw bar heavy duty recovery points.
  • C Section cross members for easy cleaning.
  • Solid chassis bracing gussets.
  • Cross bracing struts.
  • 2 point heavy duty shock absorber top mounts.

Trailer Chassis Optional Fittings.

Aluminium secondary sub frame with rear cross member, 80 ltr front water tank mount, spare wheel and mud flap assemblies.

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