Heavy Duty Coil Spring Suspension System

Heavy Duty Coil Spring Suspension System

Land Force Defence Off Road Trailer Suspension.

Our Heavy Duty Coil Spring Trailer Suspension System is built for a lifetime of Off Road use. With the ability to incorporate interchangeable key suspension components allowing your trailer to be upgraded as your needs change. The base model is fitted standard with a coil spring/drum brake configuration with the option of upgrading to disc brakes and different coil spring rates at any time in the suspensions life cycle.

LAND FORCE DEFENCE Premium Off Road Suspension System.

Land Force Defence Off Road Suspension.

With its Heavy Duty design, the Land Force Defence coil spring suspension system is the go-to option for those seeking the best all-terrain suspension for their off road trailer. Our experienced in-house engineering team has meticulously crafted the entire system to provide unparalleled performance in even the toughest of conditions.

Incorporating our heavy duty suspension into your design means that you are less likely to run into problems out in the field. A sturdy 63mm stub axle, extra-large 2.2T and 3.3T VC bearing combination, premium twin shock absorber dampers with lockable toe and camber adjustments. Means you can spend more time operating in remote areas and less time dealing with overheated components and maintenance problems in the field.

Pricing and Availability

The HD Coil system is available in single axle kits up to 2200kgs and tandem axle kits up to 4400kgs.

Pricing for single axle kits start from $3,800. inc GST and Tandem Axle kits starting from $6,950. inc GST. All of our suspension systems are fabricated to order in house and take approximately 6 week from the time of order to completion, ready for shipment.


Land Force Defence Coil Spring Trailer Suspension System Features:

  • 205mm ride height
  • 63mm Square stub axle with 2T or 3.5T Bearings
  • Custom Made King Springs Coil
  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane Bushes
  • Twin 46mm Shock Absorber Dampers
  • Heavy Duty – High Impact rubber bump stops
  • Weld on mounting kit with chassis to face slide adjustment
  • Locking wheel alignment camber and toe adjustment
  • Drum or ventilated disc brake options
  • Heavy Duty Tubular Trailing Arm Cross Bracing.
  • Premium two-stage powder coating (Primer & Top Coat)
  • Our suspension kits are made to order and can be shipped Australia wide

Colour Options

  • Olive Drab Army Green (Matt Finish)
  • Black Onyx (Gloss)
  • Toyota Graphite (Gloss)

Stud Pattern Options and Sizing

  • 14 mm – 5 Stud Land Cruiser stud pattern including wheel nuts
  • PCD 5.91 inches, PCD 150mm, Stud Center Distance 88mm
  • 12 mm – 6 Stud Land Cruiser stud pattern including wheel nuts. (Will fit Nissan Patrol & Toyota Hilux 4WD)
  • PCD 5.5 inches, PCD 139.7 mm, Stud Center Distance 70mm

Spigot Size

  • 110mm
  • 106

Spring Rates

  • Single Axle 1,850 kg
  • Tandem Axle 3,700 kg

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